Rice pudding and Cinnamon Gaxure


Gaxure-Cinnamon milk:
300g milk
100g cream
100g Gaxure cinnamon

Rice pudding:
150g short-grain rice
500g Gaxure cinnamon cream
50g sugar

16 blackberries
16 raspberries
16 redcurrants
8 grated walnuts


For the Gaxure-Cinnamon milk:
Mix all the ingredients together in a blender, leave in the fridge.

For the Gaxure-Cinnamon rice pudding:
Toast the rice in a pan until golden, add sugar until slightly caramelised, add the Gaxure-Cinnamon milk and cook until the rice is al dente, leave to cool and put to one side.

For the presentation:
Place a large spoon of rice pudding in a bowl, alternate the fruits around it and cover with the grated walnut.