Baked banana, coconut foam and Gaxure chocolate


Gaxure Chocolate Sauce:
100g 70% Chocolate
200g Cinnamon Gaxure
100g Cream

Baked Banana:
2 Bananas
30g Butter
50g Brown sugar
30cc Whisky

Yoghurt Foam:
200g Natural unsweetened yoghurt
85g Cream
1 gelatin sheets
20g Sugar

Serving and presentation:
Salt flakes


For the Gaxure chocolate sauce:
Mix the chocolate and cream in a pan, heat to 45ºC to melt, add the Gaxure and dissolve bit by bit. Once dissolved, mix in a blender, sieve and put to one side.

For the baked banana:
Peel the bananas and cut them in half, melt the butter in a frying pay and lightly brown the bananas on both sides, add the sugar until it turns caramel-coloured, remove from the heat, add the whisky and dissolve. Leave to stand at room temperature.

For the yoghurt foam:
Hydrate the gelatin sheet in cold water, dissolver the sugar in the yoghurt with the cream, heat to 35ºC, dissolve the gelatin, filter and place in a siphon, cool, use 2 syphon loads.

Serving and presentation:
Place the cold chocolate sauce in the bottom of the plate and the warm caramelised banana on top of this, the yoghurt foam to one side and condiment with salt flakes and lemongrass.