Cinnamon Gaxure Custard


Milk Custard:
200ml Sheep’s milk
3 drops of Curdling Agent

Gaxure Custard:
100ml Milk
100g cinnamon Gaxure

Gaxure Sponge Cake:
45g egg
55g brown sugar
50g butter
30g cinnamon Gaxure
25g plain flour

Presentation and serving:
Dark chocolate shavings


For the milk custard:
Boil the milk, cool to 37ºC, mix with the curdling agent and pour into 4 glasses to serve it in, making sure they all have the same amount.

For the gaxure custard:
Mix the milk and the gaxure, heat to 60ºC and use a measuring jug to divide the mixture between the glasses, pouring this over the curd. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour.

For the chocolate and gaxure sponge cake:
Cream the butter and add the melted Cinnamon Gaxure. In a separate recipient, beat the eggs with the brown sugar then mix the two mixtures together and finally, add the sieved flour and walnuts. Fill greased moulds to a height of 1cm.
Cook for 15 minutes at 180ºC. Cool and cut into small cubes

Presentation and serving:
Serve the custard mix cold with the sponge cake cubes and dark chocolate shavings on the top.