Beef cheeks in a Gaxure and pumpkin sauce


Beef cheeks:
500g beef cheeks
500g onion
50g carrot
50g celery
1 laurel leaf

Gaxure Sauce:
350g beef cheek sauce
150g Gaxure

Mashed pumpkin:
100g butter
300g pumpkin
50ml water

Serving and presentation:
16 sorrel or small spinach leaves


For the Beef cheeks:
Cook the beef cheeks in a pan until golden, remove from the fire, in the same pan add all the vegetables cut into small cubes and sauté in the same pan until all completely golden, add the beef cheeks, the laurel leaf and cover with cold water. Cook for 3 hours or until the beef cheeks are tender. Remove the beef cheeks, leave to cool, cut to the desired size and put to one side. Continue cooking the cooking liquid with the vegetables in until this is reduced by half, pass through a fine sieve and put to one side for the sauce.

For the Gaxure sauce:
Mix all the ingredients in a pan until the Gaxure is completely dissolved, boil and put to one side.

For the mashed pumpkin:
Place the butter in a pan until completely melted, add the pumpkin cut into cubes and brown on all sides, add the water and leave the pumpkin to cook completely, blend to get a very fine mash.

Serving and presentation:
Cook the beef cheek portions on both sides in a pan until golden with a few drops of olive oil, add the Gaxure sauce until the beef cheeks are completely covered, serve in a deep dish with the pumpkin mash on one side and decorate with the sorrel leaves.