Obulato pasties with Gaxure and Olive oil


Gaxure filling:
100ml extra virgin olive oil
100g olive Gaxure
2g junpier

4 10 x 10 cm obulato films
sea salt
100g Gaxure filling

Serving and presentation:
10g lyophilised mango


For the Olive Oil Gaxure filling:
Using a blender, mix the Gaxure with the juniper and gradually incorporate the olive oil until you get a smooth, silky texture.

For the pasty:
Using a sealer, seal one side of the square obulato film to make a triangle, fill the triangles with the Gaxure mixture using a piping bag, place a salt crystal inside and seal again with the sealer. Serve immediately.

Serving and presentation:
Place on a flat plate and grate the lyophilised mango over the top. Serve immediately.