Product name

Whey Cream
Whey Cream with cinnamon
Whey Cream with virgin olive oil


Whey of sheep, milk and sugar.
Depending on the flavor, it may even carry cinnamon or virgen olive oil.

Organoleptic characteristics

Whey Cream with creamy texture and caramel color.
The flavor will depend on the spice added to the cream.

Nutritional characteristics

Nutritional composition per 100 g of product:

Energy (kcal): 279.6
Protein (%): 12.2
Carbohydrates (%): 21.2
Fat (%): 16.2
Humidity (%): 47.2


Packaged in 20gr, 106gr and 210gr glass jars.
Flavors: natural, cinnamon, virgin olive oil.


Direct sales, fairs, gourmet shops and retailers.

Conservation mode

The product should be preserved in the fridge (1-5ºC).


Privat person and Restaurants.

Ways to eat

It can be eaten at any time of the day. Breakfast and lunch, as well as a snack combined with others.
Gaxure tastes very well with bread, dry fruits, salmon, ham and grapes for example.
It can be used to create pastries, desserts and products like ice cream as well.