What is Gaxure?

GAXURE, an innovative gourmet product

created by the Technology Centre Leartiker

Gaxure is a derived of whey cream, created after a research of 4 years in collaboration with various companies and entities. The Technology Center Leartiker, in collaboration with Lea-Artibaiko Landa Garapen Elkartea, MIBA and dairies like Barroeta (Markina-Xemein) and Txori Errota (Abadiño) have created GAXURE, a product derived from whey.

In the cheese making process are generated several litres of a very nutrient-rich whey, a byproduct that generates environmental impact, forcing these producers to a treat this whey. In other Territories this whey is collected, transformed and separated in components, to be used to create various products, for example in pharmaceutical industry. In our territory, however, the orography, the location of the dairies and logistic problems, have caused that this whey is used only to feed animals.

To develope Gaxure, researchers of Leartiker worked together with high level Cooks. The main goal was to create an attractive product and a list of high quality recipies to interested people in order to use this innovative product in their kitchens.

Aware of this problematic and with the goal to provide a solution to thousands of liters of whey that is generated, 5 years we put up a research to create GAXURE, a product that uses the 100% of the produced whey and that has a process of elaboration that doesn´t need large investment. The diaries can produce GAXURE easily, diversifying its business and giving an output to the whey. It is an artisan product, described as “gourmet”.

GAXURE is a trademark and the artisanal dairies that could be interested in producing this product, will be welcome.